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Lab News

2024/05 Anna and Veronica will attend the EMBO Workshop on "Microglia in Health & Disease" in Genoa

2024/05 Simon (University of Poitiers) joins the lab as trainee

2024/04 Celebrating the "growth" of our community of developmental neurobiologists, with Nicolis and Mercurio labs

2024/03 Aidana (UniMi) joins the lab as trainee

2024/03 Agustina defended her thesis at the Alma Mater Studiorium in Bologna with summa cum laude! Great job!

2024/03 Chiara obtains a postgrad fellowship to continue her work in the lab

2024/02 Our first two master students of the lab - Chiara and Elisabetta - brilliantly defended their thesis and both graduated in Master of Biology @Unimib with summa cum laude! Well done to both!

2023/12 Celebrating with a lab Xmas dinner !Looking forward to a new year with many fun and exciting discoveries together!

2023/11 Sara is awarded with the Dimet PhD fellowship

2023/06 Sara joins the lab as postgrad fellow

2023/05 The lab receives funding from the University of Milan-Bicocca 

2023/04 The whole lab visits Human Technopole and the Testa group for the first time! 

2023/03 Agustina (Alma Mater, Bologna) joins the lab as master student

2022/12 Our fist lab Xmas party! 

2022/11 Chiara and lisabetta join the lab as master students!

2022/11  Anna wins the Dimet PhD fellowship

2022/08 JRNLclub video features our Cell Stem Cell paper  ( 

2022/07 An article by Il Giorno tells us about Veronica's career choices,  bringing her now back to Italy working on a very ambitious project funded by Human Technopole. 

2022/06  Anna joins the lab as postgrad fellow 

2022/05 A collaborative project with the Nicolis lab on the molecular basis of SOX2 syndrome receives funding by Alleanza Fondazione Telethon- Fondazione Cariplo!

2022/01 The lab opens at Unimib!

2021/09 Veronica wins the first call of the Early Career Fellowship Programme promoted by Human Technopole. With this award, she relocated to Milan from Vienna, Austria, where she did her postdoctoral work in the Knoblich laboratory at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA).

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