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Open Positions

For enquires, please get in touch please contact Veronica ( and include your CV, a cover letter describing your work experience and interests, contact details of 2 referees/mentors.

We welcome enquiries for Master thesis projects from various Italian universities. Also, we consider applications for paid pre-doctoral fellowships to perspective PhD students who want to gain some lab experience before applying for a PhD. Perspective PhD students typically join the lab through the 3-years doctoral programme in Translational and Molecular Medicine (Dimet) starting in November. Application usually close around May every year. When eligible, perspective post-docs candidates are encouraged to apply for prestigious funding opportunities such as EMBO fellowship, Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship, HFSP fellowship and L'Oreal-UNESCO fellowship. Get in touch for more information.

Check out specific opportunities in the lab below.

February 1st, 2024

Master Thesis Position available

A master thesis project of 10/12 months is available starting from march/april 2024. Check out the link below for more information.

July 22, 2023

Two master thesis positions

Two master thesis projects (one experimental and one computational) are available starting from 2024. If interested, please contact

Apply Here

June 01, 2022

Master thesis positions available from Sept 2022

Master thesis projects are available starting from Sept 2022 focusing on human brain organoid culture, stem cell culture, CRISPR-gene editing, flow cytometry and immunohistochemical techniques for the study of neurodevelopmental disease.

If interested, send an e-mail to

Apply Here

November 03, 2022

Research Technician

We are looking for a research technician to join our team starting from February 2023. We offer solid training in stem cells, organoids, genome engineering methods and a dynamic working environment. For more info on the position, please click the button below.

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